Make your special day exceptional

Make your special day exceptional

Alexander Michaels, has officiated at innumerable events both in this country and abroad, graced by Royalty (including some within the royal palaces),Ambassadors, Politicians, Civic Leaders, Show Business and Sports Personalities.

He has been featured on many types of media, including ITV and BBC television and radio.

Alexander Michaels' height and stature ensure a controlled dignity and smooth running of any event, without any intimidation or danger of being a dominant toastmaster.

He prides himself on his attention to detail and always endeavours to ensure that any function he officiates at, results in the perfect day.


Alexander is known, on the banqueting circuit, and to his Toastmaster colleagues as...'PAV'...(Pavarotti).

Having always been in the hospitality industry and a banqueting manager, what he doesn't know about functions is not worth knowing!

Alexander has always been an active and committed member of the National Association of Toastmasters. He is a Senior Officer of the Association and has been made a FELLOW.

He is also a member of its Executive Committee and has been their Social Secretary on numerous occasions.

Top with the legend that is Christopher Biggins.
Above with Alan Carr and Justin Lee Collins


PRESIDENCY 2008 - 2009

PRESIDENCY 2008 - 2009

On Sunday 26th October 2008 Alexander was honoured by the Association & became The President of The National Association of Toastmasters.

He, with his wife Gilly, hosted two spectacular, fun filled events in his presidential year.

The first of which, The Winter Wonderland Christmas Luncheon
took place at The Royal Lancaster Hotel, Hyde Park on Monday 15th December 2008

Great photography and videography for both events were done by

The SPARKLE Ball was also held at The Royal Lancaster Hotel. Thursday 14th MAY 2009 was the date. It was a fun packed evening with entertainment by Syvia Young Theatre School, Oyster Opera, Darren Reeves and dancing to top dance band Mixed Feelings.


Just for good measure....with Fabio Capello - The England Manager , who thanked Pav for the good advice which took the team to The World Cup in South Africa


The National Association of Toastmasters

Annual General Meeting

The National Association of Toastmasters

26th October 2008 - Alexander is made President


BBC2 TV - Michel Roux's Service

BBC2 TV - Michel Roux's Service

Pav is very proud to be The Toastmaster to the Academy of Food and Wine for all their functions.
The Academy awarded the scholarships to the apprentices in the recent BBC programme "Michel Roux's Service"


Alexander Michaels will....


Provide advice and assistance before and during the event.

Place his experience at the disposal of the organiser.

Bring a certain style to any occasion.

Present a smart, reliable and thoroughly professional service.

Remain at all times calm and controlled.

Once descibed as " A greatly girthed, all round good guy"